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Dr. Ravit Geva MD

Gastrointestinal Malignancies Center

Research Unit & Innovation

Division of Oncology

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical center (Ichilov)

Head, Gastrointestinal Malignancies Center, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical center Head, Research Unit & Innovation, Division of Oncology, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical center Deputy Director, Division of Oncology, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical center

On top heading the research unit, computerization of the division and innovation projects by comprehensive R&D infrastructure providing dynamic operational solutions to allow tailored research, medical and clinical abilities. Specialized in the development of investigational drugs and clinical trials in Oxford University. Managing the Belong colon and rectal cancer group. With vast experience and networking to increase crucial information availability and shorter professional response time, all in order to help and fight against cancer more efficiently while improving our quality of life.

Dr. Ravit Geva MD
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